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Best Of Pickly

Best Of Pickly

The World is my barni and all I think of all day is to make an achaar out of all the tasty vichaars that pop in my head! Nevertheless, there are currently 14 lip smacking achaars that will make you forget all the other food on the table but there are 5 favorite pickles from the pickly family that you can't afford to miss out on! So lo and behold and read ahead. 

  1. Kair Rajasthani Pickle 

Kair, ker, kirrir, karil is a small tree that bears spicy fruit,exclusive to the dry regions only. It is a Rajasthani delight - full of flavour and zing. The Kair Rajasthani pickle that comes from the Pickly family is a sweet, spicy and tangy achaar where every flavour is well balanced together. Prepared with slices of raw mango and a dash of fennel seeds, this is one achaar you won't be able to get enough of. Dive in the Rajasthani authenticity with this one. 

  1. Khumb Pickle 

Did you know small button mushrooms are also called as khumb, precisely what this achaar derives its name from! This exotic yet desi achaar that comes out from our barni is super healthy and can make you go gaga over mushrooms. Enlivened with apple cider vinegar, garlic, essential spices, cumin… need we say anything more? 

  1. Mango heeng zero oil achaar

Yes you heard that right! An achaar that has no oil, sounds crazy but tastes absolutely divine. For all the fitness lovers in the house who were missing out on achaars because of its oil content, this one's for you! Achaar ka flavour without the oil ki responsibility, sounds like a dream come true, isn't? 

  1. Karonde and green chilly pickle

Karonda or bengal currant is this tickly berry with a sweet and sour taste. Now imagine it in a mix of fiery green chillies balanced with grated mango! Sounds like a party in the mouth. We won't call it an achaar, we will rather call it a feeling you have got to experience ! 

  1. Lotus stem with mango pickle

Bite sized lotus stem given a spin of pungent Mustard and sour raw mango, not to leave behind the pickle favorite Kalaunji is an achaari melange that will take your tastebuds on a tangy ride. What is its dominant flavour you ask? Well, why don't you try it and know it! 

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